Hey guys, Aline here, :) I am a Wedding and Life Style Portrait Photographer based out of Marietta-Ga. I do travel, everywhere!! I’m so pumped to say that I have been internationally Published in some of my favorite wedding blogs and wedding magazines. Thanks for checking my work out! I’m Extremely happy and excited you're here!

So, to the basics, I am based out of Georgia but available for weddings all over the US and worldwide. I am super lucky to have My husband Mihai as my second shooter. Most of our couples get to have the both of us on their wedding day! ;)

|| Mihai is originally from Romanian. I am originally from Brazil. We're free spirited people, always interested in seeing the world, meeting new people and making friends.

Adventurous by heart we are always ready to get on the road and explore our amazing planet! We met in 2011 in Atlanta, got engaged in 2013 in Paris and got married in 2014. We had 2 weddings, one in Brazil and the other one in Atlanta.

We have a cat called River, he's our baby and he is the best and cutest cat on earth!

Here're some of the Things I Love Most: 

  • River + Mihai + coffee.

  • old things. old movies, history, old music, old furniture, the smell of old books. OLD Stuff in general.

  • classic movies and fantasy books.

  • travels + FOOd + Photography

Not all in the same order, I just love all of the things above. :)

  • I am also a Historian.

  • I have travelled 4 Continents so far and over 25 countries.

  • I have lived in South America, Europe and North America.

  • Mihai loves cars and fixing things.

  • He is also a Computer Engineer. 

  • He is the best guy a girl could have ever asked for. :)


Photography became a passion in my life many years ago. it all started with me capturing my travels around the world in 2010.

  • I simply adore documenting love stories. Sometimes I can’t believe I get to live my dream and work on something I am so passionate about! -Aline

    We are very fortunate to be living our biggest and wildest dream and Can't wait to learn your story! 


These hot babes are my husband and I ;)  in Joshua Tree, Image by Strain Photography

These hot babes are my husband and I ;) in Joshua Tree, Image by Strain Photography