Timea & Catalin - Providence Canyon

I had the pleasure to meet Timea and Catalin over a friend's birthday celebration and we became friends. They are such an amazing energetic couple, I love their European style and good mood. Always up to an adventure! Timea and Catalin grew up in the same city in Romanian, it was a very small city but they never met, later on they found out they went to the same school and even rode the same bus to go to school, but for some reason their paths had never crossed. Until one day, while they were still going to the same high school and got to meet at a birthday party. Timea said Catalin stared at her from across the room and he looked at her with the same look he still shares with her today. They fell in love and started their first biggest adventure together, moving out to go to college in the same city and getting to experience life in a big city in Europe. Getting to share all the first time things in life together. They dreamed together and decided to explore the world, moved to USA when they finished college with one suitcase in one hand and lots of ideas and dreams. Catalin new he would want to spend the rest of his life with Timea and after living this adventure together for almost one year he proposed to her, to of course hear a lovely sound yes! Timea said she didn't believe in love at first sight, but I think that's what happened to them. Last week we got to venture together through Providence Canyon in GA, where I got to capture their spontaneity towards one another.  Timea and Catalin are getting married this fall in Romanian in a very intimate ceremony with their family and friends, Timea says she wants lots of silver and black to be part of their theme to match their modern style. I am so happy for them and even more excited to watch them both build an awesome life together!!!