Chelsie & Alex - Atlanta Skyview Photographer

Chelsie and Alex just celebrated their 1 year anniversary from when she said yes but the awesome Atlanta Sky-view.  Here's a little more about them. Fort Hood, Texas is a special city for this couple and the city where a love story begins. Alex was stationed at Fort Hood during his time in the Army. It just so happened that its a very small world. Chelsie had a long time friend from school that was married to a soldier at Fort Hood. By chance or fate, while Chelsie was visiting her friend, she ended up getting introduced to, her soon to be, forever and always. By way of mutual friend Chelsie and Alex were introduced. Here's how Alex proposed to her. Chelsie was invited to a family gathering where most of her immediate family and friends were gathered. Chelsie was unknowingly the reason for the party. Alex had arranged for this scenario weeks prior with the aid of chelsie's mother. Discretely Alex boarded a flight Atlanta bound with a ring in his pocket. Later in the evening Chelsie heard a knock on the door. It was Alex ring in hand ready to ask for her hand in marriage. With most of her family and friends present Chelsie accepted his marriage proposal which lead us to where we are today. I wish the most amazing things in life to these tow sweet and adventurous couple!