Price & Tyler * Barrington Hall, Roswell-Ga

Price is a super sweet girl and also a photographer, she together with her fiancé Tyler went to Barrington Hall in Roswell-Ga with Mihai and I to just hang out and snap a few pictures of one another. We had the greatest time with them. It was awesome to explore the beautiful gardens around the house and it's porch. Price took her gear as well and took pictures of us. The best "photographer's date" haha Who would ever guess, us modeling? Even not being the super model material type, it felt so good to be in the other side. It was fun and I felt like a super star. ;) Everyone should think of a photoshoot as something super special, because it is indeed. And if you don't like the attention, you will get used to it. Price and Tyler are also getting married in just a couple of weeks I am so excited for them! <3 I am so glad we got to meet you guys! Wishing you the awesomest adventures of all!!