Shenea & Taylor Fall Creek Falls Anniversary Shoot - Spencer -TN Wedding Photographer

So many special things about this celebration shoot. Shenea and Taylor have been married for a couple of years and did not get a chance to get beautiful portraits done during their wedding, but this time finally came. I feel honored that I was able to capture such beautiful love and I can't wait to see where life will bring them! We got to hike a couple of different trails in the Fall Creek Falls State park in TN, got energized by the surrounds of nature. So much beauty! Their connection reminded me my job is one of the most special things in the world. Now, seat back and relax, read Shenea's own words about their story and enjoy this two lovers Anniversary Love Session. <3

"When Taylor and I met we weren't looking for love. We were looking for dishes, quite literally. I got a job at this little restaurant in Carrollton, GA as a hostess and at the time he was working as a dishwasher. I will never forget the first table I cleaned because I had to bring the dishes to Taylor. There was just something about him that I latched onto, maybe it was the tattoos but in my mind I had given up on love altogether. From his perspective he had given up as well and was a newly 21 year old looking to live IT up ! Anyway, after several attempts of wanting to get to know him we finally got to hangout. I remember we got lost in conversation for a while in a little booth at a local pub and I left that night thinking, "There's something more to this thing called love." Long story short three weeks after the day we met we moved in together and the rest is history. We both agree that love comes when you least expect it and sometimes it comes when you finally let go. Five years of being married to the person we both refer to as our best friend and I have nothing but good things to say, nothing but beautiful memories, nothing but stickies left around the house or love letters when the other goes away on a trip, nothing but inside jokes that only we share, nothing but foot rubbings and morning cuddles with our animals, nothing but growth in our careers and our walk with God, nothing but happiness. All in all, God put both of us together in so many ways. Growth is a huge part of love and for both of us we can see very clearly how we've impacted the other one in so many positive ways. We are both looking forward to the future and looking forwards to nights of cuddles." -Shenea. 


Floral: Patina and Lace Designs

Cake: Meringue Delight