Rebecca & Ryan || Fall Creek Falls State Park || Tennessee Wedding Photographer

Rebecca & Ryan decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary with an adventure shoot and brought me to Fall Creek Falls State Park to capture their love story! I am so very thankful that I got to meet them! They are so in love and it was so beautiful watching the way they look at each other! Thanks for bringing me back to this amazing and beautiful park! I love Fall Creek Falls and don’t mind getting back here over and over again! Every time it feels so different but just as beautiful as always! We got some rain during the shoot and these babes were so brave! They didn’t mind a little water at all they kept on smiling and embracing all nature had to offer! Which made me so happy because all it added was a little extra beauty! Nature is amazing! We loved hiking and hitting the suspension bridge and waterfall! During the trip my good friend Norma was in town visiting from Germany and she came along! With the rain and all that was going on she assisted me and helped me so much!! So, kudos to Norma! My life savior! Besides, the airbnb we stayed after the shoot gave me chills so I am 100% grateful I wasn’t alone. ;)

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