Andrea & Chris || Lake Lanier Backyard Wedding || Beach Wedding || Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Andrea and Chris had the most beautiful and perfect backyard wedding in Atlanta this fall! Their friends and families traveled from near and far to see them saying I do! Their intimate wedding took place at Chris’ family lake house in Lake Lanier. It was the perfect scenario for a chill, romantic, elegant, and classic wedding day! All the vintage elements they implemented to match their style made it extra special for sure!! Enjoy reading more about their vision from the couple. Andrea and Chris shared a little about their day bellow. And enjoy their pictures! I know you will fall in love with them!

See their engagement shoot here.


“Our biggest inspirations for the wedding were the engagement ring, and the fact that we really wanted a big party that felt like US, but was fun for our guests. As we got further and further along with planning, the themes and influence of family, and heirloom family history, got stronger and stronger. 

The engagement ring originally belonged to Chris’ great grandmother. It is a very classic Art Deco style piece.  The history that comes with the ring made it extra special. That, combined with its unique and intricate details, inspired us to use it as a jumping off point for almost all of the choices we made about the wedding.  It paired perfectly with the fact that I’d always wanted to use my mother’s dress, which was hand sewn by my grandmother.  I had both her and my grandmother’s blessing to alter the dress from a silhouette that was very 80’s, to a more 20’s design inspired by the ring.  We made the veil to add an extra bridal look for the ceremony, since the dress has no train and a slim skirt.  I designed it with my mom to perfect that vintage look, and then she took the scrap lace appliqués from the dress alterations and applied them to the crown and train of the veil. I also applied extra scrap appliqués to my shoes. Being able incorporate these important family heirlooms was so special to us. And the dress was an incredible way to honor my grandmother and have her present who was unable to fly from Colombia to attend.

Seeing Chris for the first time was surprisingly calming.  I’d been looking forward to this day for so long (we dated 8 years!) and I was so excited and nervous for things to go right!  When he turned around and smiled at me during our first look, I suddenly felt really calm, secure, and happy. My nervousness returned when I was waiting for the ceremony to begin, and once I stepped onto that beach to walk towards him I again felt calm and ready. I think reading our vows was the most special moment of the wedding to me. We weren’t originally planning on writing our own vows, then suddenly a week or so before the wedding we were writing them. I’m so glad we did, and I keep re-reading Chris’ vows with a huge smile on my face. “ - Andrea.

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“ The Wedding went perfectly! It was an interesting clash of worlds to see all of my friends from different times in my life together. Seeing Andrea for the first time was amazing; the dress was fantastic and she looked so beautiful. The wedding was amazing, and it went by really quickly (though it was only 15 minutes long). The vows were probably my favorite part as well; they were really the only part I was nervous about. - Chris”.

We are still a little surprised to say that our wedding day went perfectly.  We had so much fun, and zero concept of the passing of time.  There were so many things out of our control that could have gone wrong. 3 weeks before the wedding, the lake levels were too high to use the beach for the ceremony.  It had rained the entire week leading up to our outdoor wedding, and it let up just for our day before pouring again a few hours after the reception ended.  It was a happy and beautiful day and somehow, everything turned out just how we had envisioned it. - Andrea.


Photography: Aline Marin Photography

Wedding Officiant: Brian Mckinney

Wedding Day Coordinator : Sasha Coglianese and Casie Anderson

Florist: Main Street Blooms

Music - Band/DJ: Complete Weddings + Events

MUAH: Corianne Elizabeth