Kaylie & Alex Carnival Fun Afternoon / Daily love story. ;-)

Hi guys, getting out of the usual weddings and engagement posts to just do something fun! The other day we got to have such a great time hanging out with Kaylie & Alex and snapping pictures of each other. Check out Kaylie’s youtube channel here. She’s the most hilarious person you’ll meet and the cutest too! Spending time with these two is almost better than a fun carnival! Non stop belly laughs and lots of smart humor. Also, Aren’t they just the cutest? But don’t be jealous ;) grab your boo and have us tag along on a fun shoot with you guys. In Ga is still pretty warm and Fall is the best time for creative shoots! Let’s enjoy the last warm days of the year together!! Riding fun rides, attending funky festivals, playing games or whatever comes to mind. Much love to you all and stay fun!!