Rebecca & Florin || Savannah-GA Love Story || Savannah Wedding Photographer


I feel like our relationship is the foundation of our lives – we are starting this life together and as long as we have a strong foundation we can build whatever we want on top of it. I feel so lucky to have what we have and to have someone who understands me the way you do. I am a hundred percent confident that together we can do anything we want and I hope that we continue to grow together and to motivate and love each other like we have been for the past 3 years.

Love, - Rebecca


We were so young when we first met that I still can't believe I have the chance to grow old right next to your shoulder. Your unique personality, your perfect smile and alluring beauty convinced me that you had to be my wife and there was nothing in the world that could stop it from happening. When we started dating I was just a boy, and you made me a man. You keep transforming me in a better person and husband. There are not enough words in the world that I can say to thank you for deserving the chance you gave me when you said YES - but I'm pretty sure that there are enough pairs of shoes - so I will try to compensate somehow :) You are my best gift and I will enjoy every single moment of being with you for the rest of my life.

With love and respect,

Yours, - Florin

Whenever you find love, hold on to it!

Meet Rebecca and Florin,

These two beautiful humans got married and their happiness is just overwhelming!! After having their dreamed wedding a few weeks back in Romanian they chose Savannah-GA to have a couple’s portrait session and keep the magic going! Nothing better than putting your wedding dress back on without the pressure of getting married don’t you think?! Savannah was amazing and we were so happy to capture this special moment in their lives. We stayed in this awesome Airbnb that they got in the city, woke up with the birds to catch the sun rising and enjoy the best the city has to offer without the crowds. It was so worth it! I personally do not love waking up early but when you get to have Forsyth Park in Savannah-Ga empty it just feels like all your dreams are about to come true. And THEY DID!! Waking up very early was so worth it! We ran around the park like happy kids, played with Smoke Bombs which made once again this photographer here happier than a bird with a french fry!! ;-) After so many great laughs we enjoyed a really amazing day with them, shared some life stories over drinks and ended our day at Jekyll Island beach to catch a gorgeous sunset. Jekyll is such a small piece of paradise right there super close to the city, just a short drive or uber ride away. We had the most perfect day! So happy that we could create some gorgeous portraits for our friends and enjoy Savannah once again! Would come back there a million times.

Hope you enjoy their love story!

Stay Awesome Guys!!