Katherine & Asa || Forest Meadow Intimate Wedding || Atlanta Wedding Photographer


My love

Take all of me.

Empty my water into your cup so that we can be filled again.

Take all of me,

the glimmering light at the surface and the dark foreboding beneath.

The height and depth of me are inseparable,

linked by some unknowable magnetism,

by some terrible and wonderful mystery I’ve surrendered to,

linked like the depth of the sea to every foreign shore we'll travel together.

Take all of me,

and with it this simple ring,

a modest stone of blue topaz in the shape of a drop of water.

Like the ocean that shows in a thousand different azure hues across the world,

there are hues in the light of the sun, and hues in the light of the moon,

hues in the shallows and in the deep,

my light will fall upon your eyes in a myriad of ways,

enter your cup in a myriad of ways,

and yours will mine, as we grow old.

But know now and always. I am for you.

I am with your heart, and you are with mine.

This simple stone will tarnish,

and so will we,

but if you take all of me, you’ll polish my soul.

You’ll refine my love and make it worthy of forever.

However long that seems to be,

it won’t be long enough.

Take all of me,

so that you’ll know this one drop is the entire ocean.

I love you.


From the first time Katherine and I spoke on the phone I knew that I would just fall in love with them! There was something so special about how she described the way they had envisioned for their wedding. They kept it small and intimate. We felt very special for being the ones chosen to capture it all. We I met Katherine and Asa in Colorado, where we got to explore the amazing Sand Dunes and shoot their engagement session. Every time we travel for work we try to squeeze in a few days for a mini vacation, this time it was the other way around, we were going to Colorado already and the universe just alined its stars so we could have our first encounter. That day I created some of the images I am mostly proud of, their energy and bright shine aura illuminated the afternoon as we hiked the dunes and at some point shared a tear and a hug. It was beautiful, I will be forever thankful to have met them. Check out their shoot here. Their wedding was the most beautiful event. They hiked alone to their ceremony, friends and family followed a little while after. That gave them time to really enjoy it by themselves. The meadow was incredible and we learned that day that it was a complete surprise to both of them, since when they have found the location it wasn’t yet bloomed. Katherine’s wedding ring was made by Asa who learned how to make rings just to make her one. I believe it took him 6 prior trials to perfect his art. After the ceremony everyone got to hangout around that amazing natural setting with delicious chipotle burritos. Tons of smiles later we hiked to the waterfall and captured such happiness. They ran across the field through the wood, enjoyed an amazing sunset and had so much fun. The poem above was written by Asa to Katherine, read what she shared with us bellow.

Vendors || Friendors:

• Officiant: Christopher Remmers

• Venue: meadow, Tumbling Waters Trail, Elijay, GA

• Hair: Kristine Fletcher, bride's sister

• Make Up: Kaylie Damen, bride's friend

• Cake: Tiramisu, Costco || Caterers: Chipotle

• Flowers: a gift from family friend Cindi Williams and Jenny Neuger (bride's mother)

• Photography :Aline & Mihai - Aline Marin Photography

“When I first found the meadow, it was late winter. It was a beautiful, grassy hill. Simple. And it felt right. When we arrived back in Georgia the week of the wedding from where we live in Colorado, we went right out there so I could show Jason who'd only seen pictures. The field was in full bloom with wild red clover. Our friends went to the meadow early the morning of the ceremony and set the entire space for us using natural elements, flowers, a borrowed table from the airbnb, and a spool of white satin ribbon that my grandmother gave to us the day before. When we entered the field, I was completely broken open by the love in the space. What a gift they created for us. After everyone left we ran through the woods and got our clothes dirty, skinny dipped in the cold mountain water, and celebrated the important day in the way that we love to be! -Katherine”