Caitlin & Chris Love Story

You guys, 

We were so luck to cross paths with these two lovers who have been living a beautiful journey in their long distance relationship. Here's a bit more about their love story. 

Chris and Caitlin met in London, England while he was working as a bartender at the university that Caitlin studied abroad at. She said, "It’s crazy to think that a simple conversation while he was serving me a drink could begin the best thing to ever happen to me."  Since then they have taken 20 flights back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean to spend time together. How amazing is that you guys? Their Bahamas cruise was such an amazing way fro them to celebrate that they officially beat long distance! 

"Chris has just moved to the United States, allowing us to start the next chapter together. We went on our first vacation on a cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate the beginning of our new life together.  This is where we were lucky enough to cross paths with Aline and Mihai, a couple whose love is inspirational to us and gives us hope for our future together.  These photographs do such an incredible job of capturing our love and some of my favorite things about Chris.  They show the way he looks at me with so much love, the way he is always there to carry me as my greatest support system, and the way that our story makes me believe in fate." (- Caitlin).

"I could honestly stare into those beautiful eyes of Caitlin’s for hours. I love how they light up and come alive when she smiles. That is what I love most. I’m glad that I can make her smile each and every day the same way she makes me so happy." (- Chris). 

We had the most amazing time capturing this sweet moment for them. Also, nothing like watching the sunrise from the ocean. :) Y'all are the cutest! Stay so so in love as you are forever! <3