Hanna & Joshua's * McDaniel Farm Park Engagement

Hanna and Joshua's engagement session took place at McDaniel Farm Park in Duluth-GA, it was one of the greatest moments of that weekend. They are such a beautiful couple with the best energy and the warmest smiles. Hanna and Josh met six years ago at LaGrange cafeteria while talking about cheese fries. Can it get better than that? Yes it can! They became best friends and inseparable from that day forward. It wasn't much longer after that first set of laughs that they started their story, after four years of an indissoluble relationship during college and one year of dating long distance Josh decided to move back to Hanna's hometown to teach at the district she grew up in. During one normal Friday in November 2016 Josh took Hanna out for dinner and after he convinced her to venture out to look for her favorite thing, Christmas lights. They ended up in the beautiful downtown of Monroe where they got out to walk around and watch the lights. For Hanna it seemed like just a normal weekend date until Josh walked her to the porch and started talking about the first time he told her he loved her. Right than he asks Hanna to spend forever with him. Hanna said it was absolutely perfect and that he could not have caught her more off guard. The most favorite part of their romantic story to Hanna is that Josh had been designing her engagement ring for the last 7 months and after picking it up it took him less than a day before giving it to her. He certainly couldn't wait any longer to hear her say YES. 

Seriously, stop you guys! Thank you for sharing your story!! I am dying of excitement to capture their wedding this summer!!!