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Meet Stacey and Morgan,

Their story is so beautiful and so inspiring! We feel truly honored we got to capture such a gorgeous day and connect withe these two incredible humans! We had so much fun at their wedding, these ladies have the most fun group of friends and are surrounded by people with the biggest heart! I hope you love their wedding as much as we do!

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Here’s a little note they wrote to each other,

Stacey is the most amazing human I have ever met in my whole life.  From the first time we met, she has always been so understanding, loving, caring, and has always brought out the best in me.  When we met, I was lost.  I was going through the motions of life and didn't really care about myself and my well-being.  That all changed when I met Stacey.  I wanted to be a better person.  I wanted to look pretty and dress nicely.  I realized that I was pretty and that I was worth it.  I wanted to start a family.  I wanted to stop acting so recklessly.  I wanted to be better for myself and also for her.  She made me a better person and I thank God everyday that he allowed this special person to enter my life when I needed her the most.  She is my voice of reason when I need it the most and has always been my biggest fan and supporter.  I love every minute we spend together.  She is my best friend and my partner for life.  - Morgan

Morgan is the most selfless, kind, loving person I've ever known. She is a calming force in my type A, perfectionist, high functioning world. From the first time we met, she's been exactly who she said she was. She laid it all out on the table that this is me and this is who I am. She made me want to slow down and enjoy life more and not care as much about my career, but to relax more into enjoying my relationship and living life to the fullest. I'm an introvert and she's an extrovert. She loves hard and lives every day out like she won't get another. When we met, I was still picking up the pieces from my MS diagnosis about 3.5 years earlier. Even though I'm healthy and ok, it was still a difficult blow to take and it took me a long time to feel like I could find someone that would accept that part of me. But Morgan didn't care, she asked why did it even matter? And I knew, even though we had a few initial bumps, that she was for me. She loved everything about me and accepted everything I had to offer, both good and bad. It made me want to be a better person and she made me want to do life with her. I love her so much and I'm thankful each day for her kind soul and loving heart and that she is mine forever! - Stacey

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Tell us more about your look,

The dress I chose was completely out of my comfort zone at first.  I am not one who particularly enjoys dressing up in frilly and girly dresses, so was hesitant at first.  I tried on many dresses that were pretty plain and "average" until the store worker at Carrie's Bridal picked out a very form fitting, sweetheart neck, lace dress.  I hesitantly tried it on and was absolutely amazed at home well it fit every single part of my body.  My mom, two best friends, my aunt, and the store workers all gasped when I came out.  I knew at that moment that that was my dress and that Stacey would be stunned to see me in such a thing.  Stacey and I went together to Solomon Brothers Jewelry in Buckhead, Atlanta to get some ideas of what kind of rings we both liked- since we really had no clue.  My favorite color is and has always been any shade of blue- so within minutes I spotted a diamond ring with two sapphires on each side.  I humored the salesperson and looked around for a few more minutes, but knew that that was always going to be my favorite ring.  It was so unique and perfect for me.  It also had a lot of "bling" which I also thoroughly enjoy.  I always knew I wanted to wear my hair in an "up do" for the wedding- mostly because I knew I would be dancing up a storm and didn't want my hair to be in my face or prevent me from showing off my moves.  Our hairstylist we chose is wonderful, and I just let her do her thing and loved what she came up with.  Mostly because it was very secure and I knew it would not fall! - Morgan

The dress I chose is probably exactly what everyone thought I would wear. I bought another dress from BHLDN at first, but later returned it once I found this one. I bought it at Anya Bridal. I wanted something that would go with our theme. I wanted a semi full skirt, but not too full and I wanted it to look romantic and feminine, without it looking too much like a princess. I mainly chose it for the belt I added and the back of the dress because it was so intricate and beautiful. The moment i put it in, I felt like a bride and it was exactly what I wanted Morgan to see me in. My wedding ring is from Solomon Brothers. Morgan and I went to pick out a few options together. I wanted something beautiful but not too large. I'm hard on jewelry. The one I ended up with had two sizes. Morgan chose the larger one. :-). It is unique with the twist in the band and is perfect as I didn't want a single stone ring. My band is thin with diamonds and complements it perfectly. For my hair, it was important to me that one of my bridesmaid's and oldest friend (since 5 years old), Ashley, did my hair. We did a trial and I knew I wanted it half up and half down and close to the wedding, we decided to do it to the side. Then we had our florist make some clips to go in my hair that matched our flowers. We didn't really coordinate anything with her, we just asked it to match and trusted her to do it and it turned out perfectly. It was important to have her do my hair because we've known each other our entire lives. - Stacey

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Tell us about your wedding venue choice,

We have always loved going to Monday Night Brewery for drinks with friends throughout the years.  We love the aesthetics of the building itself, of course the beer, and how it fits in with our personal styles.  We wanted somewhere with enough space for all of our friends and family to have plenty of room to mingle and of course break it down on the dance floor!  We wanted our wedding décor to match our personalities and the décor of our home.  We wanted simple, yet beautiful floral arrangements, with rustic centerpieces, and nice fall navy and blush pink color schemes. -Morgan,

It was actually Morgan's idea at first for getting married there. I was skeptical at first, but she had been to a wedding there before and raved about how beautiful it was. She knows I love wide open, rustic spaces where I can create something, so from an early time, she saw the beauty in the venue and how much fun it could be with all of our friends. It was spacious and eclectic, and wasn't your typical wedding venue. Plus, she knew that it would allow us to bring in whatever we wanted and create something beautiful. Neither one of us are the typical full service venue, meat and potatoes, wedding venue gals. We wanted freedom to create something we envisioned to be magical. We chose the rustic wedding decor because it mirrored our home. We have a whimsical, warm, rustic, home that is filled with objects we have both collected over the years. We even have hot pink dining room chairs! We wanted everyone to feel at home and for it to be warm, which is why we went with the navy and blush tones. Our flowers turned out amazing because Morgan's friend from high school was our florist and she understood the vision and the theme from early on. -Stacey

Stacey & Morgan’s First Look

Stacey & Morgan’s First Look

What was the most special moment for you?

Seeing Stacey for the first time was something I will always remember and hold dear.  She was so incredibly beautiful and I immediately teared up thinking about how lucky I was that this amazing human chose me to spend her life with.  I started crying before she handed me her note!  Her hair was in a side half up and half down set up and it looked amazing.  Her makeup just accentuated her incredible beauty.  Her dress fit her perfectly and was exactly what I had envisioned in my mind.  It was such an incredibly raw and emotional moment.  My favorite party of the wedding and the day I think would have to be our whole ceremony.  From the perfect music, to the picturesque backdrop, to 180 of our closes friends and family being there, to the incredibly sentimental words that were shared throughout the ceremony.  It was just absolutely amazing and perfect.  My best friend marrying us was just the icing on the cake! If I could freeze a moment- I would freeze the moment that Stacey was walking down the aisle towards me.  In that moment I was overwhelmed by all of these feelings of pride, happiness, elation, gratitude, disbelief, and genuine love.  She looked so amazing and it was such a wonderful moment to know that she was walking to me to profess her love for me in front of all those people.  Seeing our wedding guests reactions to that moment was everything and more.  There wasn't a dry eye in sight! - Morgan

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Seeing Morgan for the first time was the most magical moment of my life. She looked so gorgeous in that dress that was obviously made for her. It fit perfectly, and her hair and makeup were flawless. I started crying because I was so happy that finally, I could stand in front of everyone I care about and marry Morgan. It was an overwhelming amount of emotions because when we started out, who knew that we would have gotten to do this. The journey was amazing to get to that point, and I was just so excited to see her all dressed up. Her hair was pulled back in an updo, because she always said she didn't want it in her face all night. But it was great to see the attention on Morgan. She's selfless and never seeks credit or praise or attention and is always the most sensitive, kind person. It was nice to see her get to shine in front of everyone for once on our special day. My favorite part of the wedding was our ceremony. It was personal, and we worked a long time with Jane to combine several pieces of several ceremonies to have something that was from the heart. She refined in the end and we didn't know what she would say in our homily. She captured our love perfectly. We had the perfect backdrop and decor. I felt so much gratitude, love, happiness, it was a wonderful moment to see us so honest and raw and to see Morgan break down in the middle of the ceremony. We were honest and true and it was exactly what I wanted it to be. If I could freeze one moment it would be walking down the aisle and holding morgan's hands during our ceremony. I was so happy in that moment to finally be in this place of calm after a year of wedding planning and to finally be marrying the person I loved most. It was a great moment and it felt like, even with all of the people there, that we were the only two people in the world. - Stacey

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How would you describe the way your wedding your day went?

Our wedding day was an absolute dream.  We rented an entire Bed and Breakfast called the Peach House in Inman Park, Atlanta for my sister, our officiant, and Stacey's parents to stay the whole weekend in.  We were able to rent out the entire thing so all of our bridal parties, any friends, and family members could stop by and hang out throughout the day as the bridal party was getting ready.  It was absolutely gorgeous and our first look and bridal portraits were stunning outside of the house.  Aline and her husband Mihai were the absolute best people for us to work with.  They were so kind, funny, and so fun to be around.  Our pictures are incredible!  The rest was somewhat of a wonderful blur.  Our ceremony was absolutely perfect, as one of my best friends wrote an amazing, touching, and very special ceremony for us.  Every single person that Stacey and I love so deeply was there to show us nothing but love and support.  It was absolutely overwhelming to be honest.  Our food (tacos and enchiladas) was so delicious and so "us" as we eat Mexican and/or tacos at least once a week.  Our DJ was a friend of ours and he really put on a good show and dance party.  Everyone let their hair down and really let loose.  It was all so perfect and I could not have asked for a better experience.  I'm still sad it's over and think about it daily! - Morgan

Our wedding day was amazing. When I think about it, I'm still overwhelmed by all of the love and emotions of the day. We had the entire B&B to share with our friends and family. We stayed there all weekend with some of our family and friends and everyone was able to drop by when they could. It provided an opportunity for our entire wedding party to spend time together and also allowed us to take gorgeous photos as well. Aline and Mihai made the entire photography process amazing our entire wedding party and family loved them! I think everything turned out great and it was a bit of a whirlwind. Our ceremony was amazing and we had an amazing group of people come witness our love for one another. The food was great and I honestly look back on it and get butterflies because it was so amazing. I'm still sad it's over and I wish we could do it again. It was exactly what I dreamed it would be and the only word I can use to describe it is magical. It's something you dream about and to have this much support, is amazing. It was especially motivating and awesome for our other gay friends. They all said that they never dreamed they would go to a wedding for two gay people in front of that many people. There was a time in my life that marrying who I wanted to wasn't even possible. And for us to have such love and support and get the opportunity to do it exactly how we wanted, is an absolute dream come true. I'll never ever forget the magic of the day. - Stacey

Stacey & Morgan’s Wedding Day


Wedding Officiant: Jane Johnson, friend

Photography: Aline Marin Photography

Event Planner : Peachy Keen Wedding; #apeachykeenwedding

Wedding Day Coordinator : Tori Baggett, Peachy Keen Wedding; Instagram peachykeentori

Stationary Print Company: Minted

Florist: Candler Park Flowers

Rentals: Peachtree Tents & Events, Etsy, BBJ Linens, Four Inch Fold

Music - Band/DJ: DJ Onyx

Wedding Dress: Stacey - Anya Bridal; Morgan - Carrie's Bridal

Bridal Shoes: Kate Spade Keds (both brides)

Hairstylist: Bridal Party / Morgan - Kiah Dickens & Wanderlust Salon; Stacey - Ashley Ward

Caterer: Taqueria Del Sol

Cake: Cake Hag

Bridal Party Outfits: David's Bridal

Wedding Bands: Soloman Brothers