We are only a little more than 3 hours away from Nashville, yet this was the first time we visited it. I went with my husband and a couple of friends. While the city was new to all of us, we planned ahead and arrived with our mini must do itinerary. It was perfect! Saved us time, energy and had us enjoying every bit of that wonderful city! Nashville is bright, loud, fun! I felt as I was at times at a mini Las Vegas, the Vegas of Country. ;) None of us are big fans of country music, but that wasn't even for a second an issue, the opposite actually! You gotta see and live the feeling of emerging into such happy place! Our day started off with a great brunch at The Sutler. ( With free biscuits and bottomless mimosas! What can you say about that? Couldn't get any better! The atmosphere was warm and fun! The food was great and our waitress very honest about the menu. She did not like most of it, a little hilarious right? We took her advises and she didn't disappoint! Following bottomless mimosas we went to downtown and took a walking tour/pub crawl. Learning about the city history, old landmarks and cheering up while walking into the most interesting pubs around town was wonderful and we had a lovely first day in The City of Music!! We stayed at Clay's listing house ( at Airbnb. Very cozy house, near to town, very easy and cheap Ubers. An average of $12 each ride we took. It was perfect for two couples. Getting a house for yourself has many advantages, the most important for me is privacy., it feels like we literally get back "home" when we are done with touring the city. We payed $270 for the night, shared by all of us and this is the price of one night at a hotel room. That night, we dinned at The Tree House. ( Unfortunately none of us were very impressed by this place. Even with a reservation we had to wait for almost 30min to be seated, the food was ok overall but not impressive, that's for sure. From the tree house we ubered to Broadway and had the night of our lives! Danced, had a few drinks, hopped from bar to bar, and couldn't help but notice the 386 bachelorette groups that were around town. OMG! hahaha 

Sunday was our second and last day, we kept it simple but made the best of it. We had brunch at Sinema - ( it was the BEST place we ate while in Nashville. Not only the place was adorable, it used to be a cinema before, if you didn't guess by its name... The food was phenomenal, the prices were marvelous, the place was insanely cute and we are definitively coming back one day! You have to check this place out!! A quick drive from there and we arrived at the Parthenon - (The Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee is a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. It was built in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition.)  

Our last visit the afternoon before heading back home was at The Opryland Hotel, with its gigantic indoor garden and it's own river, with boats?! Yeah, boats. It is impressive! A very calming and inviting resort. One place I definitively will come back one day when we need a calmer experience than the one we just had in Nashville.

Thanks for reading! I hope you will love Nashville when you visit as well! 

Safe Travels & Stay Awesome !!!

Carnival in Brazil 2016

 Once a year there is an event called Carnival, I am sure you heard of it! In Brazil it is celebrated throughout the country. People, music, sweat, turn into only thing only. But don't be scare, it is something everyone should live at least once. Brazil is my home and carnaval an extension of my own soul! I grew up there and "playing" carnaval was the one thing many of us, my friends and I waited the entire year for. It is more than a party, it is a religion for some. For me it is the most beautiful thing, four days of happiness and stories that will survive an entire year, it gets to the point where you will only forget how many carnavais you had, but not what you lived! I am from Recife-PE, and that is where all this comes from, Brazil is huge and has many other amazing spots to party, but for me, hum, no! There is only one! I have loved, lived, dreamed about it, and hopefully next year I get to take my husband along to know what I am taking about. I feel that would be indeed the only way for one to know, you have to live it! This year, my family reunion was sweeter because I was there and it was carnaval!  Dress up! Play games! Dance your butt off! That is carnaval! 


We ended up going to Boston on a last minute trip and spent the weekend. It was my first time there and I loved it!! We got to experience a real snow storm, it was so much fun to actually see real snow. We live in Atlanta so we don't get a lot down here. :) I am so luck to know one sweet girl who lives in Boston, Joana! She is awesome and showed us around, took us to most delicious restaurant in town and I ended up making some pictures of her brother in law and future sister to be ;) and a few shots of her friends. Ah, it was so great!!  we had a blast! So thankful to meet amazing folks and enjoy a super cool and fun city!!  

Stay awesome and safe travels!!! :D :* 

Charleston - SC

The second part of our Honeymoon. Charleston is very close to Atlanta, but we had not yet visited this very charming city. So glad we did! You should go too!! Here's what happened: 

Aline's journal -We got to check in early in our hotel and took a drive to Folly Beach, maybe we were missing the ocean already. It was beautiful, we enjoyed the sunset and had a coffee! We realized not very long after our arrival that Charleston is ALL about the food and I feared for my life! Another five days of southern deliciousness. We had an amazing lunch at CRU Café and during the evening we went on a ghost tour with the “Bulldogs”. Visited the dungeon and the city’s graveyard which was very informative and a little creepy. We got rained on as we walked during the tour and a pretty heavy storm hit us. Charleston is indeed enchanting and I love it! I could move here tomorrow if I had a chance and convinced Mihai to come along ;). It is so pretty! Has just the perfect size for a small yet fun city and such great energy! I will be coming back for sure!

 Next day in town we tried the best shrimp and grits at Fleet Landing and then walked all day around the city. It is funny and a little absurd but we just ate and were already looking forward for dinner at one of the most famous steakhouses in town. Walking around Charleston reminds me of college and Holland. It must be because of all the young folks riding their bikes around here. We took a taxi bike on our first night back to our hotel. It was fun, I wished we had brought our own (awesome, vintage, super cute bikes.) ☺ 

Dinner was indeed amazing at Chop's Steakhouse. Not an everyday place to dine in, but the perfect place to dine on special occasions. Dinner was fabulous and so was the rest of our chilled honeymoon vacation! We got to do another ghost tour at the "Old city jail" and Mihai got to eat grits five days in a row. The city gifted us with incredible sunsets and its awesome history. We got to visit two very important houses from Charleston history, the Nathaniel Russell House and the Aiken-Rhett House. We also got to visit Boone Hall Plantations, the place is incredible. This city really caught our eyes. We could not have chosen better places to enjoy each other during our honeymoon! Relax, eat great food and live such a romantic routine during 10 days!

Traveling is one of the best remedies to the soul! Stay Awesome and safe travels!! 


The Bahamas

Hi everyone, Mihai and I finally took a break and went on a little honeymoon trip. We decided on The Bahamas, my first time there and his second. We also visited Charleston and it was new for the both of us. The best 10 relaxing days we could have asked for. Here’s a bit of what happened:

-Aline’s Journal. We are on our third day in, out of nine. It is 6:14am and I am sitting on our big window in our little room at the Carnival Ship, heading to the Bahamas. Mr. Capitan announced that we will arrive at 8am, so we are almost there. This is my first ship cruise ever and I am in love!! On our first day we drove from home (Atlanta) to Charleston-SC where our cruise would depart. Such a fun little road trip! We listened to the radio, which was fun, hearing people joke in the morning is always entertaining. We arrived in Charleston early, around 11 and at 12 we were in line to hop on our ship. We decided to carry our luggage instead of dropping it off. Thanks to American Airlines that has lost two of our luggages in past trips we are now scared to death to have to spend another vacation without clothes. If you can carry it, do it! A few hours later at the cruise we were notified that two passengers ended up losing their bags and have been searching for it. What would be the odds that out of 2,600 passengers it would be us? Probably minimum but I still prefer to drag my heavy bags on my own. (Or ask my husband to do that. – Nicely) ☺ 

Before departure The crew showed us how to get to the safety room (muster station) and life boats in case we would need them. It was very efficient, having noted the amount of people they have to gather together. During our second day in the sea we woke up very early, hesitantly, to catch the sun rising and it was beautiful! We made our way to the top of the ship, it was cold, very windy and I felt miserable, until I actually saw it, and it was heavenly. The most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. Thanks to my husband for making an effort to take me out of bed to see it. It was so worth it! The day went on, we slept a little more, relaxed by the pool and got ourselves a pedicure. It was Mihai’s first time and he loved it! The boat captain and part of the crew were introduced in the main saloon, I am glad we caught that! It was the first formal night on the ship, people were looking great. We dressed up and went off to dinner where we met a very funny couple that sat by our side. We shared some good laughs, had some good wine and our night was a huge success! 

We got to Freeport! After spending two nights on a boat, even a very large one, it is very exciting to know you are about to leave it, walk on land and don’t feel slightly dizzy for a while. Our first stop in Freeport on our third day was very nice, the entire process ran very smoothly. We took a tour and visited the island with a local, heard stories about pirates and the first habitants in The Bahamas. We got to see the light house, took a short trail to a cave, during this trail we saw a spider eating a dragonfly and that was disgusting but awesome in a way (look at the pictures). We went to a small beach and took a swim about half a mile away from the shore to snorkel and observed the beautiful reefs. We got to see several species of fish and corals and had a wonderful time. The water by the beach was very cold. To our surprise, while snorkeling, the closer we got to the reefs the warmer it got. On our way back we walked around downtown, which is tiny but very animated. We got a few souvenirs and as soon as we hopped back on the ship the city calmed down and seemed like nobody was there anymore. That night, we had a nice dinner and chatted with our neighbors about being happy couples that can actually communicate to one another. They were sweet. Afterwards we took a few pictures and participated in a group game. I ended up being the captain of the group and sharing the responsibilities with my husband. We were 12 groups in total and we won a couple of points but lost the game overall. It was fun!!! Night went on, we went dancing, had a glass of wine and appreciated this awesome vacation of ours. 

Fourth day in, we arrived in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas! We spent the day at the Atlantis Resort, enjoyed the water park, aquariums and awesome slides. It was filled with fun laughs and great moments.  We watched a couple of comedy shows and we learned during our vacation that the all inclusive food isn't too great after a while and you start craving a great salad. That comedy clubs are essential for our lives! We couldn't wait to sleep in a normal size bed that didn't move. But really we had a great time, experienced it all and would totally do it again. Maybe not the chocolate fountain. 

Our pictures were all taken by me, Mihai and my tripod with a remote control. I finally learned to appreciate the fact a tripod can be ideal and great in some situations. Others, hum... not really. We had to deal with very strong wind and I was worried my camera would fall while on the ship. Thankfully it did not happen, but I did run back and forth dozens of times to fix it. Besides the fact we did look a little silly doing that. But my husband and I had so much fun and wanted to register all these awesome moments. Glad we can share it now with you! ;) Traveling is one of the best remedies to the soul! Stay Awesome and safe travels!!!  

Folly Beach - SC

Mihai and I visited Folly Beach in South Carolina during our honeymoon. We had just arrived in SC from the Bahamas and I suppose we felt like the beach mood wasn't over just yet! What a calming and lovely place! I gotta say it usually takes me a little more than a nice couch for me to fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon but this place worked its magic and I got to spent half of the time I was there sound asleep. My wonderful husband got a few shots of my calming nap and brought me a coffee with an invitation along. "Common! Drink the coffee and let's go on a walk!" So nice of him, haha!! I honestly would stay there sleeping for another hour or so. It was the perfect place for a perfect nap! ;) Walking around was nice. The place is small and cozy. Very charming! I took a few pictures of birds and the waives, observed one surfer and a few kids playing in the cold water and worked out my passion for street photography photographing these two random ladies who seemed to be best friends. I wish one day I can also share a moment just like that with my friends in the future, maybe 30 to 40 years from now and remember some good stuff! I am so glad we made some time to visit Folly Beach. It was lovely!! Stay Awesome and safe travels!!! 


2015's Summary

What are your goals for 2016? Before doing my wish list and start my new journey to realize all the plans I've got lined up I want to take a moment to think about all the very important things that happened to us during 2015. My husband and I got married last year and had our weddings this year. In fact, we celebrated our union twice and it couldn't have been any better! The first one was a simple backyard wedding in the country side of Brazil with the presence of our parents and all my family and friends. It was magical and I am so thankful! A few months later we had an amazing wedding in a beautiful venue called "Little Gardens" in GA where we live. Just by the name of the place you can imagine how beautiful it must have been. This year was marked by the sweet presence of my loved ones in our life, some wonderful trips, many sweet gatherings with family and friends and for that I am so thankful! Unfortunately 2015 wasn't only flowers... It had some very sad losses as well. It is part of life to say good bye to who we love, but the experience of loss does not get any less hard because we know it might one day happen. If I could I would take on the pain of my best friend who lost her mom this year or have more than words to comfort my cousins who lost their father. To all families who lived through such hard times and lost their family and to all people trying to survive we pray for you! There are so many things going on in our world. We pray for peace! We believe in love! We send our positive thoughts as we are powerless to do more than that! -My family (Mihai and I) wish you a great new year! Full of possibilities, encounters, love, happiness, health and peace!!

A few happy moments of our little cousin during Christmas to make you smile! As life should be! :)