Carnival in Brazil 2016

 Once a year there is an event called Carnival, I am sure you heard of it! In Brazil it is celebrated throughout the country. People, music, sweat, turn into only thing only. But don't be scare, it is something everyone should live at least once. Brazil is my home and carnaval an extension of my own soul! I grew up there and "playing" carnaval was the one thing many of us, my friends and I waited the entire year for. It is more than a party, it is a religion for some. For me it is the most beautiful thing, four days of happiness and stories that will survive an entire year, it gets to the point where you will only forget how many carnavais you had, but not what you lived! I am from Recife-PE, and that is where all this comes from, Brazil is huge and has many other amazing spots to party, but for me, hum, no! There is only one! I have loved, lived, dreamed about it, and hopefully next year I get to take my husband along to know what I am taking about. I feel that would be indeed the only way for one to know, you have to live it! This year, my family reunion was sweeter because I was there and it was carnaval!  Dress up! Play games! Dance your butt off! That is carnaval!