2015's Summary

What are your goals for 2016? Before doing my wish list and start my new journey to realize all the plans I've got lined up I want to take a moment to think about all the very important things that happened to us during 2015. My husband and I got married last year and had our weddings this year. In fact, we celebrated our union twice and it couldn't have been any better! The first one was a simple backyard wedding in the country side of Brazil with the presence of our parents and all my family and friends. It was magical and I am so thankful! A few months later we had an amazing wedding in a beautiful venue called "Little Gardens" in GA where we live. Just by the name of the place you can imagine how beautiful it must have been. This year was marked by the sweet presence of my loved ones in our life, some wonderful trips, many sweet gatherings with family and friends and for that I am so thankful! Unfortunately 2015 wasn't only flowers... It had some very sad losses as well. It is part of life to say good bye to who we love, but the experience of loss does not get any less hard because we know it might one day happen. If I could I would take on the pain of my best friend who lost her mom this year or have more than words to comfort my cousins who lost their father. To all families who lived through such hard times and lost their family and to all people trying to survive we pray for you! There are so many things going on in our world. We pray for peace! We believe in love! We send our positive thoughts as we are powerless to do more than that! -My family (Mihai and I) wish you a great new year! Full of possibilities, encounters, love, happiness, health and peace!!

A few happy moments of our little cousin during Christmas to make you smile! As life should be! :)