Folly Beach - SC

Mihai and I visited Folly Beach in South Carolina during our honeymoon. We had just arrived in SC from the Bahamas and I suppose we felt like the beach mood wasn't over just yet! What a calming and lovely place! I gotta say it usually takes me a little more than a nice couch for me to fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon but this place worked its magic and I got to spent half of the time I was there sound asleep. My wonderful husband got a few shots of my calming nap and brought me a coffee with an invitation along. "Common! Drink the coffee and let's go on a walk!" So nice of him, haha!! I honestly would stay there sleeping for another hour or so. It was the perfect place for a perfect nap! ;) Walking around was nice. The place is small and cozy. Very charming! I took a few pictures of birds and the waives, observed one surfer and a few kids playing in the cold water and worked out my passion for street photography photographing these two random ladies who seemed to be best friends. I wish one day I can also share a moment just like that with my friends in the future, maybe 30 to 40 years from now and remember some good stuff! I am so glad we made some time to visit Folly Beach. It was lovely!! Stay Awesome and safe travels!!!