Charleston - SC

The second part of our Honeymoon. Charleston is very close to Atlanta, but we had not yet visited this very charming city. So glad we did! You should go too!! Here's what happened: 

Aline's journal -We got to check in early in our hotel and took a drive to Folly Beach, maybe we were missing the ocean already. It was beautiful, we enjoyed the sunset and had a coffee! We realized not very long after our arrival that Charleston is ALL about the food and I feared for my life! Another five days of southern deliciousness. We had an amazing lunch at CRU Café and during the evening we went on a ghost tour with the “Bulldogs”. Visited the dungeon and the city’s graveyard which was very informative and a little creepy. We got rained on as we walked during the tour and a pretty heavy storm hit us. Charleston is indeed enchanting and I love it! I could move here tomorrow if I had a chance and convinced Mihai to come along ;). It is so pretty! Has just the perfect size for a small yet fun city and such great energy! I will be coming back for sure!

 Next day in town we tried the best shrimp and grits at Fleet Landing and then walked all day around the city. It is funny and a little absurd but we just ate and were already looking forward for dinner at one of the most famous steakhouses in town. Walking around Charleston reminds me of college and Holland. It must be because of all the young folks riding their bikes around here. We took a taxi bike on our first night back to our hotel. It was fun, I wished we had brought our own (awesome, vintage, super cute bikes.) ☺ 

Dinner was indeed amazing at Chop's Steakhouse. Not an everyday place to dine in, but the perfect place to dine on special occasions. Dinner was fabulous and so was the rest of our chilled honeymoon vacation! We got to do another ghost tour at the "Old city jail" and Mihai got to eat grits five days in a row. The city gifted us with incredible sunsets and its awesome history. We got to visit two very important houses from Charleston history, the Nathaniel Russell House and the Aiken-Rhett House. We also got to visit Boone Hall Plantations, the place is incredible. This city really caught our eyes. We could not have chosen better places to enjoy each other during our honeymoon! Relax, eat great food and live such a romantic routine during 10 days!

Traveling is one of the best remedies to the soul! Stay Awesome and safe travels!!