We are only a little more than 3 hours away from Nashville, yet this was the first time we visited it. I went with my husband and a couple of friends. While the city was new to all of us, we planned ahead and arrived with our mini must do itinerary. It was perfect! Saved us time, energy and had us enjoying every bit of that wonderful city! Nashville is bright, loud, fun! I felt as I was at times at a mini Las Vegas, the Vegas of Country. ;) None of us are big fans of country music, but that wasn't even for a second an issue, the opposite actually! You gotta see and live the feeling of emerging into such happy place! Our day started off with a great brunch at The Sutler. ( With free biscuits and bottomless mimosas! What can you say about that? Couldn't get any better! The atmosphere was warm and fun! The food was great and our waitress very honest about the menu. She did not like most of it, a little hilarious right? We took her advises and she didn't disappoint! Following bottomless mimosas we went to downtown and took a walking tour/pub crawl. Learning about the city history, old landmarks and cheering up while walking into the most interesting pubs around town was wonderful and we had a lovely first day in The City of Music!! We stayed at Clay's listing house ( at Airbnb. Very cozy house, near to town, very easy and cheap Ubers. An average of $12 each ride we took. It was perfect for two couples. Getting a house for yourself has many advantages, the most important for me is privacy., it feels like we literally get back "home" when we are done with touring the city. We payed $270 for the night, shared by all of us and this is the price of one night at a hotel room. That night, we dinned at The Tree House. ( Unfortunately none of us were very impressed by this place. Even with a reservation we had to wait for almost 30min to be seated, the food was ok overall but not impressive, that's for sure. From the tree house we ubered to Broadway and had the night of our lives! Danced, had a few drinks, hopped from bar to bar, and couldn't help but notice the 386 bachelorette groups that were around town. OMG! hahaha 

Sunday was our second and last day, we kept it simple but made the best of it. We had brunch at Sinema - ( it was the BEST place we ate while in Nashville. Not only the place was adorable, it used to be a cinema before, if you didn't guess by its name... The food was phenomenal, the prices were marvelous, the place was insanely cute and we are definitively coming back one day! You have to check this place out!! A quick drive from there and we arrived at the Parthenon - (The Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee is a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. It was built in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition.)  

Our last visit the afternoon before heading back home was at The Opryland Hotel, with its gigantic indoor garden and it's own river, with boats?! Yeah, boats. It is impressive! A very calming and inviting resort. One place I definitively will come back one day when we need a calmer experience than the one we just had in Nashville.

Thanks for reading! I hope you will love Nashville when you visit as well! 

Safe Travels & Stay Awesome !!!